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The Pollutants of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant During Operation

The hot mix plant is the main equipment for the production of asphalt. During its operation, the mobile asphalt mixing plant will generate many pollutants which we need to properly deal with:

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1. Harmful gas. It includes that produced by the drum burner, the asphalt smoke produced by the heating and heat preservation of the finished product discharge port, asphalt tank, heavy oil tank, and SO x, NO x, CO, CO2 discharged from the chimney.

2. Dust. The dust is generated in the feeding process, mixing tower and aggregate site.

3. Smell. The smell includes the odors of asphalt during storage, unloading and heating, as well as the odor of the burner at work and the odor of the asphalt mixture on the transport truck.

4. Noise. It is generated by the loading of loader, the operation of the induced draft fan, the rotation of the drying drum, the lifting of the aggregate elevator, and the screening by the vibrating screen.

5. The waste water and liquid. It mainly come from cold aggregate storage (infiltration or mixing with natural soil), fuel oil tanks, thermal oil, oil and gas storage tanks, pipelines and gas stations, solvents, additives, etc.

6. Visual impact. It is mainly the visual impact of the main tower or chimney of mobile asphalt mixing plant. Others also include the steam in the wet aggregate discharged from the chimney, the storage site of the cold material and the lighting of the plant area.

These pollutants will do harm to the health and the environment. And with the continuously improved environment protection requirements in each country, an ECO-friendly hot mix asphalt plant for sale has become a main trend. Haomei Machinery can make it.

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