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The Troubleshooting of Mobile Concrete Mixer With Pump

When using a mobile concrete mixer with pump, some customers find that the equipment has a low efficiency to pump concrete. Is it the concrete mixing pump that should be blamed? There are different reasons. Let’s have a look together.

1. The concrete mixer with pump is aging, including excessive wear of the S valve, the discharge pressure not meeting the design standard, insufficient accumulator pressure or insufficient engine power.

2. The pump pipe is not cleaned thoroughly, and there is solidified concrete in the tube, which leads to an increase in the resistance of the pump tube.

3. The pump pipe is not lubricated with water or mortar when it just starts working, resulting in increased resistance.

4. The pipeline is too long and has too many elbows, and the discharge height is too large.

5. It may be also caused by the concrete including mix ration or aggregate shape. Generally speaking, the resistance of artificial aggregates is greater than that of natural aggregates. Too many slender particles or too large aggregates, too large sand modulus, and poor gradation will cause the pumping resistance to increase.

6. In order to increase the pumpability of pumped concrete, it is generally required to add plasticizers to increase the slump of the mixture without separation, and to control the amount of bleeding of the mixture.

7. Affected by the mixing ratio, the proportion of each material component is inappropriate or the mixing time is insufficient, etc., the slump loss is too large, thus also causing pumping difficulties.

It can be found that the low efficiency of concrete pumping is not entirely because of the equipment itself, but also related to the raw materials and mix ratio. For the machine, we recommend Haomei concrete mixer pump for you.

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