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The Working Principle of Asphalt Drum Plant

The asphalt drum plant is a kind of continuous asphalt plants, which is of simple structure, low cost and convenient maintenance. The production capacity of the complete equipment ranges from 20 to 60 tons per hour.

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It has extremely low energy consumption. Modular design saves transportation and installation costs, and diversified configurations can meet different investment requirements. It is a right choice for road maintenance and small road construction projects.

The drying and mixing drum is the core component of the asphalt drum plant. Its function is to dry and heat the stone to a certain temperature, and mix the asphalt and stone into a qualified finished asphalt concrete.

How doe it work? The aggregate of the appropriate particle size is continuously fed into the drying drum for drying and heating, and at the same time, it is mixed continuously together with the asphalt and additives that have been metered.

The finished asphalt mixture is transported to the finished material temporary storage warehouse by a hoist, and then directly transported by a transport vehicle to the construction site for use.

Th asphalt drum mix plant has the following features:

1. The heating and mixing can be completed continuously at one time, saving equipment cost and simplifying the working processes.

2. The equipment is simple and of high reliability. The quality of the finished material is stable.

3. It is of small size, less area, convenient installation and transportation.

4. It is very convenient to expand and upgrade to mobile asphalt mixing plant.

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