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What Are Advantages of Double Shaft Concrete Mixer

The double shaft concrete mixer is composed of two mixing shafts. The mixing system is composed of mixing blades and a mixing tank installed in the direction of screw advancement. In order to meet the needs of high quality concrete, its structure is more complicated than the single shaft concrete mixer, but its abrasion during use is relatively small.


Compared with vertical and single-shaft mixers, it has obvious advantages:

1. It has small dimensions, low height, compact layout, convenient loading and transportation, reasonable and firm structure, and good working reliability.

2. The twin shaft concrete mixer has large capacity and higher operating efficiency. Compared with the drum mixer, its mixing time can be shortened by more than half. Since the material movement area is located above the discharge door, the discharge time of the double-shaft mixer is also shorter than other kinds.

3. The diameter of the mixing drum of the twin shaft mixer is half smaller than that of the vertical shaft type with the same capacity. And its linear speed of the blade is half lower than that of the vertical shaft type, so the blade and the liner are less worn.

4. The material movement area is relatively concentrated between the two shafts, the material stroke is short and the squeezing effect is sufficient, therefore its mixing quality is also relatively good.

5. Haomei twin-shaft concrete mixer adopts imported components and reasonable design. The unloading door of the twin-shaft mixer is installed at the bottom of the mixer, and the unloading is realized by the cylinder. The rotation axis of the discharge door does not coincide with the center line of the mixing drum body to ensure a small eccentricity value, which is conducive to reducing the concrete leakage after the discharge door is closed.

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