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What are Advantages of Fully Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine

The hollow blocks maker machine makes uses of the industrial waste fly ash, coal gangue, slag, smelting slag and various tailings as the main raw materials to produce high-strength bricks under high pressure.

According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into: fully automatic concrete block making machine, semi-automatic cement brick making machine and manual cement brick making machine. According to the different forming principles, it can be divided into: mechanical vibration type and hydraulic forming type.

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What are the features of bricks or blocks products produced by concrete block making machine? Bricks of different grades of strength can be produced according to the requirements of engineering construction. Bricks of different specifications can be determined according to the needs of the project. It can be different types of concrete bricks such as hollow blocks, multi-row bricks, and solid bricks.

Advantages of fully automatic hollow block making machine

1. The production is fully automated, the output is high, and the fully automatic hollow block making machine has a short production cycle, no need of steaming and saves production cost.

2. The overall design of the hydraulic brick machine is smooth and beautiful, and the production flow line of the brick type is very standardized, and the overall effect is very good. After adopting hydraulic forming, the finished bricks have good shock resistance, sound insulation and heat resistance.

3. The produced bricks can be used in different parts of the building and reduces the construction cost of the building a lot.

4. The most attractive point of the concrete block machine is the low cost of raw materials. The required raw materials are construction waste, fly ash, slag, coal gangue and other waste materials, which can not only reduce pollution to the environment, but also improve the reuse of waste efficiency and create more value.

5. The building maintenance cost is low and the living environment is good. Because of the thermal insulation and shockproof effect of the block itself, the cement block building increases the comfort of the interior space of the entire building, and the overall wall surface has good streamlines, which is beautiful and convenient for decoration.

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