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What Are Applications of Small Concrete Mixer and Pump

The concrete mixer pump is a kind of trailer pump for sale, integrating feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping. It can realize on-site mixing and continuous pumping, which greatly improves construction efficiency. It is an ideal choice the house building in rural areas.


Its construction efficiency is 4-6 times that of ordinary concrete pumps. The quality of concrete mixed by the twin-shaft mixing system can reach the level of commercial concrete. The concrete mixing pump has two kinds: diesel and electric model.

In the case of sufficient power supply, it can be connected to the grid to use electricity to drive, which can reduce fuel consumption while saving energy and environmental protection; in the case of insufficient power supply, it can be driven by diesel, and it can work normally without access to electricity.

The small concrete mixer and pump is widely used in secondary urban construction, rural house construction, villa group construction, small water conservancy projects, bridge construction and tunnel construction.

It is specially used in rural areas. Through mixing and pumping, the concrete is poured at a fast speed. Mixing and pumping can be done by one person. It saves labor and is less labor-intensive. In rural areas, most of them are flat-roofed houses with reinforced concrete, which is very suitable to use a mixing pump. It is absolutely labor-saving when pouring. A 200-square-meter roof was poured in less than two hours. Welcome to leave message below to get a quote.

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