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What Are Features of Concrete Pump Trailer for Sale

The trailer line pump is used for pumping high-rise concrete. Generally, the ordinary concrete can be pumped to a distance of 1000 meters. Compared with the concrete mixing pump it cannot mix concrete, but only has a conveying function. Generally, it is used in urban construction projects in conjunction with a cement tanker.

The trailer pump can be mounted on the chassis of the car and transported directly to the construction site, which is convenient for transfer. As long as you prepare a few more tubes, you can take care of several construction sites at the same time.

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It is divided into motor power and diesel power according to the power. In areas with normal power supply and construction sites, the motor power is better when it is fixed for a long time due to low cost. The diesel concrete pump is highly mobile and is not affected by the power supply, but the use cost is slightly higher than that of the concrete pump.

Haomei concrete pump trailer for sale adopts S valve. Its advantage is the swinging nozzle is flat, which is easy to adjust after wear and tear, and its sealing performance is very good, so the S valve pump has a higher conveying height than the gate valve pump of the same specification.

The design adopts the principle of parabola, which makes the material flow more reasonable and further reduces the resistance. Its main features are simple structure, smooth flow channel, small concrete flow resistance, good sealing performance, high pumping pressure, fast commutation speed, small noise,etc.

Before using the concrete pump trailer, if you are unfamiliar with it, you should read the operating instructions and precautions carefully, such as the remote control function between each switch, the function of each component and the electronic control system, etc. Do not operate the machine until you have thoroughly read and understood the instructions to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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