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What Are The Advantages of Mixer Pump Factory

The trailer line pump only can pump ordinary concrete to a distance of 1000 meters. It is generally used to pump commercial concrete in urban construction projects, and is used in conjunction with concrete mixer truck.

The mixer pump factory is for on-site mixing and pumping of concrete. The concrete raw materials (water, cement, sand and gravel) can be mixed in 15S, and then pumped to 200 meter horizontal distance and 80 meters vertical distance.


Compared with the trailer pump, it can not only mix the concrete, but also has the transport function. The remote control can easily mix the concrete and pump it to the upper floors. It is suitable for rural and urban house building, road construction, water conservancy and other projects. It has the following advantages:

1. The mixed concrete should be more uniform and denser. Both the strength and the tensile and flexural properties have been improved a lot.

2. The transportation is more convenient, which can be easily moved to various locations for construction.

3. The construction period is shortened by 50%, and the labor cost is reduced by more than 30%.

4. The transmission power can reach 40-50m3/hour, the horizontal transmission distance can reach 420-850 meters, and the vertical transmission distance can reach 90-150 meters, which is suitable for various field environments.

5. The diesel type can be used for the electricity backward region. It will not damage the template between the floors, and the safety is greatly improved.

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