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What Are The Features of China Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The small concrete batch plant is a concrete production equipment that integrates the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, unloading and automatic control systems of the concrete mixing plant into a trailer unit. It has the same operation method and maintenance as the stationary concrete plant.

The portable concrete batch plant features flexible movement, quick and easy disassembly and assembly, and simple storage management. To reach the ideal performance, Haomei Machinery has formulated a very systematic design for the portable concrete plant.

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As we all know, in order to improve space utilization and reduce production costs, most small mixing plants use hopper elevators for aggregate lifting, combined with hopper mixers. Although the economy is good, the output is low. We choose a belt conveyor through the improved structure design, thus improving the conveying efficiency.

If the customers have met the old mobile concrete mixing plant, they may will be impressed by the huge structure and complex legs. For the new China mobile concrete batching plant, the supporting control room can be quickly collected under the belt conveyor. It is very convenient to carry out the transportation by simply removing a few legs.

If you like to buy a China mobile concrete batching plant, Haomei Machinery will be a good choice. Its equipment is of high cost performance, with obvious price advantage compared with equipment of the same quality. More importantly, its concrete plant is designed scientifically. Welcome to leave a message below to get a quotation.

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