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What Are the Features of Small Concrete Mixer And Pump

The small concrete mixer and pump is a kind of mechanical equipment that can realize on-site mixing and pouring, which can meet the concrete construction of various house structures. The whole concrete mixing pump is of compact structure and is specially designed for the traffic conditions in the rural market.

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The features of concrete mixing pump:

1. With two-in-one functions of mixing and pumping, the purchasing cost is greatly reduced.

2. The on-site mixing and continuous pumping can achieve 4-6 times the efficiency of traditional pumps.

3. The two processes can be completed by one operator during the pumping process, saving labor cost.

4. The total power of the concrete mixer pump is lower than that of the concrete mixer and concrete pump, which is very suitable for rural construction.

5. The concrete mixer machine with pump is of powerful mobility and convenient transfer.

6. The investment cost is low and the investment return period is short. Self-use and for renting is both available.

Compared with other concrete mixing pumps, Haomei concrete mixer pump for sale has some unique advantages:

1. Its efficiency is three times higher than its counterparts, and the pumping height can reach 15 floors.

2. It can be used for farmland reconstruction projects, pond irrigation, and horizontal pumping distances up to 300 meters.

3. It can be converted into a truck-mounted concrete mixing pump, which is more convenient to move and has a higher construction efficiency.

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