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What Are the Safety Precautions During Operation of Hot Asphalt Plant

Hot asphalt plant is a complete sets of equipment which is used in mass production of asphalt concrete. Its operation also involves many workers. How to operate it safely? There are some safety precautions.

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1. The requirements for personnel dress code

The hot asphalt plant staff must wear overalls to work and the patrol personnel around the batch type hot mix plant need to wear safety helmets. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippers.

2. The requirements for the operation period of the asphalt hot plant

  • Before turning on the plant, the operator in the control room needs to pull the horn to warn. People around the plant should leave the dangerous part after hearing the sound of the horn. The operator can only start the machine after confirming the safety of outsiders.

  • When the machine is in operation, the staff can not carry out the maintenance of the equipment without authorization. The maintenance can be carried out under the premise of ensuring safety.

  • At the same time, let the control room operator know that the control room operator can only start the asphalt mixing plant after getting the approval of outside personnel

3. The requirements for the maintenance period of the mixing plant

  • The personnel must wear seat belts when working at heights.

  • When someone is working inside the machine, others need to look after it outside. At the same time, the power of the asphalt mixing plant should be cut off, and the control room operator cannot start it without authorization by outsiders.

4. The requirements for forklifts

When the forklifts are loading materials on the field, pay attention to the people in front of and behind the trucks. When loading materials into the cold storage bin, they must pay attention to the speed and position and do not make it collide with the equipment.

5. The storage requirements for the oil and asphalt

Smoking is not allowed within 3 meters around the diesel tank and the oil barrel and no open flame is allowed. When discharging the asphalt, the operator must have a knowledge of the amount of asphalt in the tank and open the entire gate before starting the pump to discharge the asphalt. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to smoke on the asphalt tank.

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