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What Can Automatic Concrete Block Machine Do

Automatic concrete block machine is a new type of construction machine. Its main raw materials are slag, fly ash, stone, sand, etc. After scientific proportioning and water mixing, different kinds of bricks can be produced by high pressure pressing. What are these concrete bricks?

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Fly Ash Hollow Brick

It is made of fly ash and lime as the main raw materials, mixed with appropriate amount of gypsum and aggregate and got by pressing with high pressure. Fly ash bricks can be used for walls and foundations of industrial and civil buildings. However, fly ash should not be used in areas that have been exposed to long-term heat, rapid cooling, and acidic media.

Fly ash solid brick

Fly ash solid brick are exactly the same as ordinary solid clay bricks. The size is usually 240mm x 115mm x 53mm, so the use of fly ash solid brick can directly replace solid clay bricks.

Concrete solid brick

It is made of cement, aggregates, admixtures and additives added according to needs. After mixing with water and pressing, we get concrete solid brick. The size is usually 240mm×115mm×53mm. It is mainly used for masonry walls.

Small concrete hollow block

Small concrete hollow block is made of ordinary concrete materials such as cement, sand and stone. The hollow ratio is 25%~50%, and the small concrete hollow block is suitable for various building walls in areas the seismic design intensity is 8 degrees and below.

The specification size is 390mm×190mm×190mm, and other specifications can also be made by hollow block making machine.

Other kinds of bricks can also be made by the concrete paver block machine such as paving bricks and lime bricks. If you need it, welcome to inquire from us directly.

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