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What Is the Hoist of Hot Asphalt Plant

The hoist of hot asphalt plant include two kinds: hot aggregate elevator and powder elevator. It consists of upper assembly, middle casing, hopper and lower assembly. The hoist is to lift various materials from the lifting system of hot mix asphalt plant.jpgoutlet to the specified position (vibrating screen or powder storage bin).

To improve high efficient and stability, the hoist of Haomei hot mix asphalt plant is double-row sliding lift, which can improve the efficiency to over 99%. In addition, The hoist is equipped with anti-reverse device. The reducer is also of international famous brand.

In our daily operations, what should we notice? There are four tips.

1. Check whether the meshing condition of the lifting plate chain and sprocket is normal every week.

lifting system of asphalt hot mix plant.jpg2. Weekly check the wear of the plate that receives material and hanging bucket, and adjust or replace it in time if they can’t work normally.

3. Clean up the ash deposit in the lower part of the elevator in time according to the actual situation to avoid the damage of the bearings.

4. Weekly check if there is any breakage of the plate chain , and deal with it in time.

We have different kinds of hot mix asphalt plant for sale with rich models. All the parts of each hot mix asphalt has passed rigorous inspection. It is easy to install and quickly start to work.

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