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What Is The Hot Mix Plant Working Process

Asphalt batch mix plant for sale is a complete sets of equipment which is used in mass production of asphalt concrete. What is the hot mix plant working process?

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1. Preparation: Heat the asphalt pump half an hour in advance, and heat the asphalt pool for 2 hours. Manually operate various parts of the operating equipment and check whether each valve is in working condition.

2. Turn on: Turn off the asphalt pump after heating for half an hour. Turn on the asphalt mixer, air compressor, dust removal motor, igniter, and high-pressure diesel pump. Observe whether the ignition is successful. If the ignition is unsuccessful three times, it must be shut down for inspection. Start the blower motor, main oil pump and drying drum.

3. Production process. The mineral hopper is lifted and pour the aggregate into the drying drum. If the raw material is of high moisture content, the drying time will take 3 minutes. For he dry materials, one minute is enough.

After being dried, the aggregate will go through screening and reach the storage silo . Then it will mix with asphalt and powder. The production process must be carried out according to the steps, otherwise problems will occur.

4. Shutdown. Turn off the main oil pump and high-pressure diesel pump of the hot asphalt plant. Turn off other running parts and keep the drying drum, induced draft fan, and blower to continue running. Clean the asphalt pump, pipeline and asphalt metering barrel.

Don’t turn off all motors until the asphalt mixer and drying drum cool down. Disconnect the main power supply.

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