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What Will Affect The Concrete Pump Truck Price

Long boom concrete pump is a popular concrete construction equipment because of its excellent flexibility and high efficiency. When buying it, many customers care about the concrete pump truck price. Which factors will affect its price?

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1. The boom length

The longer the boom, the higher the price. The boom length currently on the market is 18-101 meters. The most popular models are 36m concrete pump,42m concrete pump and 52m concrete pump. The boom size should be determined according to your own use. The boom material, the key to the life and safety of the pump truck, is also very important.

2. The price of raw material

The rise and fall of raw material prices directly affect the production cost of long boom concrete pump. For example, if the prices of iron ore and steel rise, the price of automobile chassis will rise.

3. The pump truck brand

The prices of different brands are not the same. Choosing a reliable brand is very important for it as reliable after-sale service. Once there is something wrong with pump truck, you can get technical guide and spare parts in time.

4. Accessories

The choice of the key parts such as chassis and boom will directly affects price. Different hydraulic parts manufacturers also will provide different prices. A better quality always mean a little higher price. The specific price can be determined according to your needs and the company's configuration.

5. The production technology

With much investment into R&D, the price of Haomei concrete boom pump truck for sale is not the cheapest, but in the long term, it is the most economic choice. Welcome to visit our factor to have a look by yourself.

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