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Which Kinds of Materials Can The Industrial Planetary Mixer Process

The industrial planetary mixer has excellent mixing performance and is applicable for the mixing of various materials. What materials can be specifically mixed?

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1. Concrete and mortar

  • The planetary concrete mixer can produce high strength concrete, ultra high strength concrete, fiber concrete, self-compacting concrete, polymer concrete, foam concrete, concrete brick.

  • It also can mix cement mortar, thermal insulation mortar, light mortar, polystyrene particle fiber mortar, brick mortar

2. Ceramics and glass

It can mix ceramic glazes, refractory ceramics, structural ceramics, plastic blanks, ceramics, industrial ceramics, carbon ceramics, fiber reinforced ceramics and glass mixtures of different compositions.

3. Refractories

  • Stereotyped refractory materials: refractory bricks, high temperature refractory materials, lightweight refractory bricks,etc.

  • Unshaped refractory materials: ramming materials, vibrating materials, casting materials, spray coatings, thermal insulation materials, refractory mud.

  • Special refractory materials: oxidized ceramics, non-oxidized ceramics, ceramic fiber materials

  • Refractory prefabricated parts

4. The planetary stand mixer also can be used for the preparation of ductile iron, cast steel and aluminum castings.

5. It also can be used for the mixing of solid waste and hazardous waste such as brick.

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