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Why Choose Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer for Concrete Batching Plant

The concrete mixer machine factory is the core part of a concrete batching plant. Among different types of concrete mixers, China twin shaft concrete mixer has always been chose to be the mixing host of the concrete batching plant. Why? Let’s have a look of the comparison of different concrete mixers.

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Rotary Mixer V Compulsory Mixer

According to the mixing method, the concrete mixer can be divided into the rotary concrete mixer and the compulsory mixer. The latter has stronger mixing performance. Generally, the mixture can be mixed into homogeneous concrete within 30-60 seconds. The mixing time o rotary mixer needs to be doubled or even longer.

Under the same mixing capacity, the driving power of the compulsory mixer is larger than that of the rotary mixer. The total installed power of the corresponding equipment and power distribution facilities need to be increased, but the working cycle is shorter, so the unit energy consumption of concrete production does not increase too much.

Vertical Shaft Mixer V Horizontal Shaft Mixer

The compulsory concrete mixer can be divided into vertical and horizontal shaft mixer. Compared with the horizontal shaft mixer, the power consumption of the vertical shaft mixer is higher. The suitable aggregate particle size of the vertical shaft mixer is generally 60 mm and that of the horizontal shaft mixer is 80 mm.

In addition, the structure of vertical shaft mixer is not conducive to the structural design of the aggregate feeding device and the powder metering device. The maintenance of its driving device is also very troublesome. These are not problems for the horizontal shaft mixer.

Single Shaft Mixer V Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Compared with single shaft mixer, the mixing blade of the twin shaft concrete mixer has a low speed and is resistant to abrasion; the abrasion degree of the liner at each part of the tank is relatively close, therefore the liner has a long service life.

The twin shaft concrete mixer is conductive to the development of large models and the supporting spare parts, therefore, it is widely used as the mixing host of the concrete batching plant.

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