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Why Is Concrete Mixing Pump So Popular Worldwide

With the development of the economy, the demand for concrete mixing pump in rural areas is becoming greater and greater. Why is it so popular?

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It is an economic choice to expand business. Compared with other construction equipment such as mobile concrete batch plant, the concrete mixer pump price is relatively cheaper. It features the combination of the mixer and the pump, saving purchasing cost. Self use and for rent are both available.

Haomei concrete mixing pump adopts twin shaft mixing system that is of high mixing speed and mixing quality. It is suitable for rural houses, water conservancy projects, small high-rise buildings, and dock construction.

All is operation system is all automated, integrating feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping. While improving the mixing, it also saves time and labor cost. Compared with the traditional concrete production, using small concrete mixer and pump will save 5 workers and finish he work within 2-3 hours.

The whole process is simple and fast. Use a forklift to put sand, stones, cement and other materials into the mixing tank of the the mixing pump for mixing. Then the concrete mixing pump will can complete the mixing and pumping to the floor by itself. The entire operation is quite simple.

In the current vigorous infrastructure construction, the use of small concrete mixer and pump can greatly shorten the construction period of the project. Less energy consumption will undoubtedly bring more intuitive economic benefits to users.

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