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Why Is Twin Shaft Mixer Batching Plant So Popular

The concrete mixer is the core of the concrete batching plant. The currently commonly used one is the JS double shaft mixer. The twin shaft mixer batching plant is the mainstream concrete bathing plant worldwide. There are many types of high-quality mixers on the market.

 double shaft mixer.jpgWhy do all the mixing plants choose js twin-shaft mixers as the host?

According to the mixing methods, there are two kinds: self-falling and compulsory mixer. The compulsory mixer has a strong mixing effect. Usually the mixture can be mixed into homogeneous concrete in a mixing time of 30-60 seconds, while the self-falling mixer(drum mixer) takes longer.

Under the same mixing capacity, the compulsory driving power is larger, and the total installed power of the corresponding equipment and power distribution facilities need to be increased. However, the working cycle of compulsory mixer is short, so the unit energy consumption of producing concrete does not increase correspondingly.

Among the compulsory mixers, there are two types: vertical axis mixer and horizontal axis mixer. The power consumption of the vertical shaft mixer is higher than that of the horizontal shaft type. In terms of the aggregate particle size, he maximum particle size of the vertical shaft type is generally 60 mm, and the maximum particle size of the horizontal shaft type is generally 80 mm.

Because the upper cover of the vertical shaft mixer is restricted by the installation and maintenance conditions of the driving device, it is not conducive to the structural design of the aggregate feeding device and the powder metering device. In contrast, the driving device of the horizontal shaft mixer is is located beside the tank body, and the aggregate feeding and powder metering devices can be reasonably arranged on the top of the mixer tank. The horizontal shaft mixer is more suitable to be used as the mixing host of a concrete plant.

The horizontal concrete mixer can be further divided into single shaft mixer and double shaft mixer. Compared with single shaft mixer, the mixing blade of the double shaft mixer as a low linear speed and is resistant to abrasion. The wear degree of the liner at each part of the tank is relatively close, and the service life of the liner is long

Considering all factors, the twin-shaft mixer is more suitable as the main concrete mixer of a concrete batching plant. As a big double shaft mixer manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has complete models for you to choose from. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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