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Will the Novel Coronavirus Affect International Business

At present, the epidemic in China has not been fully controlled. How long will it continue and which measures does our government have taken? Since I am in China now, I’d like to make some introduce combined with myself experience.

Although the number of infections and suspected cases keeps increasing, this does not mean the epidemic is expanding. The partial reason is that the government adopts a quick testing method. And the number of cures is also increasing sharply, and currently far exceeds the number of deaths.

More targeted drugs are applied for clinical use. And national stricter controls have been taken to cut off the source of infection. At present, public activities have been canceled completely and most of us have started working at home.

China is determined and capable of winning the battle against novel coronavirus. We Chinese people will do our part to overcome difficulties together. The epidemic will continue for a period, but it should have a turning point soon( according to our expert).


Since international bushiness has a relatively trading cycle, the epidemic has some effect but not influence our business so much. Take Homei Machinery for example. Our main equipment is the concrete batching plant, self loading mixer machine, asphalt concrete plant,etc.

Before manufacturing, the sales staff need to discuss many details with the customer in order to provide the best solution with less cost. Now no matter our marketing people or sales staff, we are well prepared to reply you in the first time.

We appreciate your trust and understanding. And we spare no effort to do work best. The Spring has come, so will the Summer be so far? Our machine is also will be delivered in time to satisfy your need.

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