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Concrete Block Making Machine for Sale in Vietnam

In June 2021, a complete concrete block production line was sent to our Vietnam customer. In addition to the concrete block making machine for sale, the production line also includes cement silo, concrete mixer, convey belt,etc.

Haomei concrete block making machine price has a big advantage compared with European and American products. With greatly improved equipment quality while keeping big price advantage, it is an ideal choice in for developing countries and regions.

At present, the hydraulic concrete block machine has been replacing the production of traditional sintered brick kilns. It is not only because of energy conservation and environmental protection, but also the quality of molded brick products.

These are the advantages of our concrete block making machine:

1. Wide application range: With the curing agent technology, it can be applied to a variety of solid waste materials such as , fly ash, slag, gravel, sand, etc.

2. High efficiency. It is of intelligent control, long life, high precision and stable performance.

3. Environmental protection: It is low noise and no disturbance to the surrounding citizens. So there are few restrictions on site selection.

4. Low daily cost: The whole production process is of high automation, saving labor cost. Once the mold is worn, it only needs to replace the liner.

5. It occupies small space and makes use of the waste, which has the best economic, environmental and social benefits.

Welcome to contact us directly for the concrete block making machine price.

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