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HZS120 Wet Concrete Batch Plant to Thailand

In the first half year of 2021, a set of HZS120 wet concrete mixing plant was officially packed and shipped in the factory area. This set of equipment will be exported to Thailand for the production of local commercial concrete.

This Thailand concrete batching plant is tailor-made according to customer process requirements. It includes JS2000 twin shaft concrete mixer, PLD2400 pneumatic batching machine, cement silos, control room, and supporting base brackets, hoppers, spirals and other accessories.


The twin shaft concrete mixer has a special design on the internal structure, which not only improves the mixing efficiency, but also effectively avoids the phenomenon of incomplete discharge and sticky material on the inner wall.

HZS120 concrete batch plant advantages:

1. JS2000 concrete mixer has good mixing quality and high productivity. It can complete good mixing in a short time for dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete.

2. The overall structure of the HZS120 concrete batch plant can be quickly disassembled and transported.

3. A variety of different layout forms can be selected to adapt to local conditions and meet the requirements of the site.

4. All metering and control components of the mixing station are imported components, which fully guarantee the accuracy and stability of metering.

5. All powder materials, from feeding, batching, metering, feeding to mixing and discharging, are carried out in a closed state.

6. The whole wet concrete mixing plant adopts a dual computer control system, which can automatically guarantee the continuous production control of the system without any influence when the two machines are switched.

7. Each repair and maintenance part has a platform or ladder, and the concrete mixer cleaning is equipped with a high-pressure pump cleaning device, which has good maintenance performance.

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