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HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

The Workflow of HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

  • The double pump and double loop hydraulic systems, higher reliability, and ease of fault diagnosis and troubleshooting;

  • With safety overflow and overpressure shutoff device automatically to cut off the main pump to get multi-level protection;

  • Swing the oil pump and accumulator constant pressure while oil, greatly reduce the heat of the hydraulic system, along with energy-saving features;

  • Using suction and return oil filter technology to avoid foreign matter from entering the hydraulic circuit to further improve the reliability of the hydraulic system and component life;

  • Pumping the oil using high and low pressure way valve block switch, convenient, reliable, and not oil;

  • Hydraulic oil forced air cooling, ensure that the oil hydraulic system can be controlled at about 60 degrees.

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