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Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete pump truck is a machine that uses the pressure continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. Composed of pump body and conveying pipe, divided into piston, extruded, hydraulic diaphragm type according to the structure. The pump body is loaded on the truck chasis, then equipped with a retractable or inflected boom, composed a pump truck.

Advantages Of Haomei Concrete Pump Truck

  • Intelligent

  • Full hydraulic control technology;

  • Quickly locate faults and shorten troubleshooting time by more than 50%;

  • Electronic control system

  • Adopt intelligent electronic control system, simple structure and reduce electrical failure

  • High efficiency

  • Hydraulic control commutation

  • Reduced commutation time by 10% and pumping efficiency by 20%;

  • Advanced boom technology

  • Practical

  • Unilateral operation technology

  • Convenient for small worksites, effectively preventing the occurrence of tipping accidents

  • Hydraulic legs "1^ and "X" design customers have a variety of options