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Trailer Concrete Pump

Trailer concrete pump in concrete batching plant is used for concrete transport and pouring. The features and details of Haomei trailer concrete pump as following:

Haomei Trailer Concrete Pump Advantages

  • Adopt double pump and double circuit hydraulic system, small impact, high reliability, and with anti-pump function, can eliminate the pipe plugging fault in time;

  • Adopt advanced S tube distribution valve, it can automatically compensate fro wear gap, good sealing performance, wear resistant gold glasses plate and cutting ring, long service life;

  • The long stroke of the material cylinder extends the service life of the material tank and piston, optomizes design of the hopper, has better suction performance and higher work efficiency.

  • Automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure effective lubrication during machine operation, friendly design, easy to operation and simpler maintenance.