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Concrete Batching Plant


Concrete batching plant is main composed of mixing host, concrete aggregate weighing system, delivery system, aggregate storage system and control system

Application Of Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant has high production efficieny because of high degree of mechanization and automation, and guarantee the quality of concrete, save the cement at the same time

Application: Commonly used in large and medium-sized water conservancy, electric power, bridges and other projects with large amount of concrete engineering, long construction period and concentrated construction sites.

Haomei Concrete Batching Plant Advantages

  • Good quality H type steel with beautiful appearance and strengththen the the whole structure strength of concrete batching plant, easy and convenient to install, suitable for variety terrain structure;

  • The machine adopts a spiral double-shaft forced mixing main machine, which not only has strong agitating machine, but also achieves good mixing effect for dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete. Stirring evenly, high efficiency

  • Equipped with sophisticated accessories, such as screw conveyors, metering sensors, pneumatic components, etc, ensure the high reliability of the concrete mixing station during operation, accurate measurement skills and long service life;

  • The mixing host can be equipped with a high pressure automatic cleaning system, with oil shortage and over-temperature automatic alarm function, which is convenient foe equipment maintenance.

  • Haomei concrete batching plant has good environmenrtal protection function, during the operation of the machine, the powder handling is carried out in the whole blocking system. The powder tank adopts high-efficiency dust collector/fog spraying to greatly reduce the dust pollution to the environment, and the concrete is stirred.

  • The station uses a noise reduction device for the pneumatic system exhaust and discharge equipment to effectively reduce noise pollution.

We make 25m³-240m³ concrete batching plant machine, more details, welcome to consult us Email: feedom@concretebatchplant24.com

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