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How To Avoid Concrete Mixer Accident?


In concrete mixer using process, if we don't accurate operate the concrete mixer will shorten it's service life, and improve the whole maintenance cost, then how to avoid concrete mixer accident and prolong it's servie life?

The Methods Avoid Concrete Mixer Accident

  • Must guarantee the concrete mixer body clean, remove the dirty and obstacles in concrete mixer;

  • Everyday before concrete mixer running all need to check the oil in each lubrication place and the electric and control equipment, and add lubrication oil according to the requirement;

  • The concrete mixer must adopt secondary leakage protection, after power on, must check carefully, when test running is well, then start use;

  • Check drive clutch and brake if flexible and reliable before running, if the stainless steel wire was broken, track pullry is good or bad, and there are no obstacles around;

  • Everyday before concrete mixer work, fill the mixing drum with water and run it idle for one to two seconds;

  • When concrete mixer running process, should check the nosie and temperature of electric power, reducer, and transimission gear any time;

  • Everytime power on should check every spare parts if running normal, and also remember to check if the mixer blade bent and screw loose;

  • Washing concrete mixer inner drum and outer surface carefully after use everytime.

If we obey these rules everytime, then will avoid most concrete mixer accident, and greatyly prolong concrete mixer service life.

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