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How to Maintain Concrete Block Machine For Sale

As a construction machine, the concrete bricks machine is affected by various factors during use, which restricts its performance and even causes failure or safety accidents. Then, how to ensure its stable working?

Correct analysis and timely maintenance are of great significance to extend the service life of concrete block making machine for sale and improve working efficiency. There are some tips for the daily maintenance:

1. When disassembling the equipment, proceed in order, mark and record the relative positions of the disassembled parts, and keep them properly.

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2. When disassembling and assembling hardened parts such as bearings, copper rods or wooden rods should be padded on them. Do not use hammer hit these parts directly.

3. When repairing the interconnected parts, the connected parts must be locked first so that they cannot slide before being repaired.

4. When installing a chain or gear transmission machine, it is strictly forbidden to rotate the machine arbitrarily.

5. When working at heights above two meters, safety belts must be used throughout the process.

6. After the maintenance is completed, inventory the tools to prevent the tools from remaining in the machine.

7. Do not touch the sliding surface, rotating part or the threaded hole by hand during maintenance.

8. Before testing the machine, check whether the power is connected correctly.

9. Carefully check all parts of the machine to make sure that they are in a normal state before starting the production.

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