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What’s The Advantages of Fully Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

Brick making machines can be divided into clay brick burning machine and non burn brick making machine. The present non burn brick making machine refers to fully automatic fly ash brick making machine.

fly-ash-brick-making-machine.jpgThe former is a brick made of clay, which requires a lot of clay to make it, which is a waste of resources. Fly ash bricks automatic machine makes use of shale, stone powder, fly ash, coal slag, mineral slag, sand,etc.

The production process of the clay brick burning machine is simple, but the damage to the cultivated land is more serious. More and more countries has forbidden the use of this machine. The brick products with fly ash as the main raw material and gypsum and quicklime as the main cement are gradually replacing traditional clay bricks.

The Working Process of the low cost fly ash brick making machine:

1. Crush the quicklime with jaw crusher

2. Enter the grinding mill for grinding

3. Mix with other ingredients evenly

4. Enter the digestion bin for digestion

5. Enter the wheel mill for milling

6. Press molding by hydraulic brick machine

7. Enter autoclave for improving appearance

8. About ten days of drying

9. Finished product

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