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Concrete Mixer For Sale

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New concrete mixer machine is a machine that mixes cement, sand aggregate and water and mixes them into concrete mix, Haomei is a professional concrete machinery manufacturer, we can supply the complete line of concrete making, here are the details of concrete mixer.

The Classification Of Concrete Mixer

  • According to the nature of work:

  • Periodic working mixer;

  • Continuous working mixer.

  • According to the principle of mixing:

  • Self-propelled mixer; ( used for plastic concrete )

  • Forced mixer.

  • Main used for dry hard conrete

Advantages: The blade has a small linear velocity, good wear resistance and low energy consumption, and develops rapidly.

  • According to the shape of the mixing bucket:

  • Drum type;

  • Cone type;

  • Disc type.

  • According to the work drive

  • Friction transmission, commonly known as friction mixer;

  • Gear transmission Commonly known as ring gear mixer.

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