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How to Maintain The Portable Concrete Plant

The portable concrete plant is made up of concrete mixer, aggregate storage bin, aggregate metering device, aggregate lifting device, water metering device, cement metering device, control room,etc.

All are installed on the chassis to form a whole plant, which is easy to transport, install and adjust. How to maintain each main part of the portable concrete batch plant?

1. Concrete Mixer

1579170087804306.jpgThe lubricant should be replaced when the new concrete mixer has worked for 200 hours. The second lubricant replacement should be done after 500 working hours. After that, the lubricant can be replaced every 2500 hours during normal production.

After the concrete mixer runs for a cycle, the mixing residue should be removed, and the mixing shaft, mixing arm and mixing knife should be cleaned.

2. Batching Machine

We need to check the concrete batching machine every day and clean up the debris on the screen in time. During the inspection, it should be adjusted in time if there is a large clearance.

3. Cement Silo

The operator of the concrete batch plant should check the cement silo every hour. When the pressure relief valve on the top is covered with the thick layer of ash, the operator should clean in time to prevent the powder from agglomerating in the rain and make the safety valve ineffective.

4. Screw Conveyor1579170024757631.jpg

The operator of the portable concrete batch plant for sale should check whether the belt is running in the right position every day. If there is deviation, it should be adjusted in time to avoid skin damage. If the belt surface is damaged, it should be repaired in time to prevent the damage from spreading.

5. Control System

The control system is to the portable concrete plant as the brain to the body. We need to check the control system daily to find out problems and deal with them in time. In addition, the control system should be checked monthly to test whether the relevant electronic components are normal.

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