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What Is Dry Mix Concrete Plant

Dry mix concrete plant is a kind of mixing plant compared to wet batch concrete plant. It is more often seen in the South American market.

Dry mix concrete plant is mainly used to reduce he investment cost of the concrete mixing plant for it is without the concrete mixer. After weighing, the materials are directly discharged into the concrete mixer truck and then water is added to the concrete mixing truck.

Dry batch concrete plant consists of aggregate feeding system, powder feeding system, control system, batching machine, etc., but there is dry batch concrete plant.jpgno host and liquid material conveying system.

  • The advantages of dry mix concrete plant:

  • Lower equipment investment costs.

  • The equipment structure is simpler and easier to maintain.

  • No mixer, no daily cleaning of the mixer.

  • The production capacity is much higher than that of wet batch concrete plant

The main disadvantage of dry mix concrete plant is the lack of quality guarantee of the produced concrete. Since the concrete mixer truck is used to mix the concrete, the vehicles must ensure a high speed, which also causes greater damage to the vehicles.

Dry batch concrete batch plant is mainly used for those projects who has no requirements for the concrete quality and those construction sites who is far from the concrete batch plant.

With the increasing demand for concrete in various buildings, this equipment is being phased out.

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