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JDC350 Concrete Mixer VSJZC350 Concrete Mixer

350 Concrete mixer refers to the concrete mixer with an output of 350L. It can be divided into different types according to the different mixing principles. At present, there are two kinds: JZC 350 concrete mixer and JDC350 concrete mixer. So what’s the difference between them?

JZC 350 Concrete Mixer

JDC350 concrete mixer.jpgIt is suitable for individual project use. JZC 350 concrete mixer is of light weight and small power consumption. It has two unloading ways, but no matter which way it adopts, there is only one motor for lifting and power. Therefore, its overall power is very small, which is an economic choice for small civil projects such as house building and paving roads in rural areas.

JDC350 Concrete Mixer

As a compulsory concrete mixer, the mixing drum of JDC350 concrete mixer does not rotate, but the mixing shaft in the mixing drum rotates. This mixing way will bring more even mixing effect and improve the strength of concrete. In addition, the electric motor used by the mixer is also different. The electric power used by the JDC mixer is much higher than that of the JZC series.

Besides the above differences, JDC concrete mixer adopts tipping discharge method, while the JZC concrete mixer uses the reverse discharge method. JDC 350 concrete mixer is completely used for engineering use and its price is also higher.

Although JDC350 concrete mix is better than JZC350 concrete mixer in every aspects, price is also an important factor when the customers buy a concrete mixer. So if you JZC350 can completely satisfy your needs, it will be a best choice for you. As a professional concrete mixer manufacturer, Haomei has both. Welcome to inquire them from us.

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