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Reasons For High Temperature When Concrete Mixer Is Running


In concrete mixer running process, there are high temperature condition appears sometimes, and if this situtaion last long time will burn the motor of concrete mixer, how to solve concrete mixer high temperature running?

Concrete Mixer Running Process High Temperature And Solve Method

  • Current intermittent increase:

Common reason: When all parts of the equipment are working properly, it is necessary to find the head of the clay spoon. At this time, the head of the mud spoon is likely to be loose, and the looseness of the spoon head is the main reason for the periodic intermittent rise of the current. Of course, there should be something at the bottom of the mud spoon that prevents the spoon from rotating.

  • Current continues to rise:

It may be caused by excessive load or low voltage. It is subject to the large amount of feedstock and should adjust the feed amount. This is a mechanical problem and the load is too large, should stop and deal. However, if it is caused by low voltage, it is purely due to external power supply. The positive method is to observe the current change and the temperature rise of the motor.

If this phenomenon suddenly occurs, it is often due to an increase in particle size. The hardness of the ore changes, which may be caused by different ingredients. In both cases, the mixing process causes a corresponding change.

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