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The Specification Of Concrete Batching Plant Control System


Concrete batching plant control system play an important role in concrete plant, it direcly influence the working efficiency, and whole concrete production.

As professional concrete batching plant machine manufacturer, we can make complete set of concrete plant machine include concrete control system, the features and details as below.


Haomei Concrete Batching Plant Control System Controller Features And Advantages

  • Combine running and manager together, easy and convenient to operate;

  • Concrete batching system adopt centralized control;

  • Concrete batching plant running data can be saved above 10 years, convenient to set and manage;

  • In the condition of out of automatic control, manual operation system still can control the system, such as concrete batching, mixing and discharge etc;

  • The strong electric part of the system is self-contained and completely separated from the weak electric part, which improves the anti-interference ability of the weak current, and also greatly simplifies the strong electric part and is more convenient to maintain;

Systems Manual:

  • The system has the characteristics of advanced performance, high reliability and beautiful appearance.

  • The console is ergonomically designed for comfortable operation.

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