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Stationary Concrete Pump


Concrete pump is a construction equipment that relies on pressure to transport concrete through pipes. It is equipped with special pipes, which can continuously and horizontally convey concrete along the pipeline. The concrete mixer truck can be used for intermediate operation, which can realize continuous concrete. Pumping and pouring.

Haomei Concrete Pump Advantages And Features

  • Streamlined design, novel and beautiful, reasonable layout, compact structure, greatly improved rigidity of the hood.

  • The oil pump and valve group adopt world famous brands to ensure high reliability of the tow pump.

  • Using well-known brand motor, reliability can guarantee, maintenance-free forever.

  • The diesel engine adopts high-end brand, with reliable performance and strong power.

  • S tube adopts high-alloy steel integral precision casting. The arc-shaped hopper after three-dimensional optimization design has the characteristics of large volume and no material accumulation.

  • The inner surface of the cylinder is chrome-plated 0.25-0.28mm, and the wear resistance is greatly improved.

  • Adopt large bore and long stroke main cylinder to ensure the highest construction distance and farther distance.

  • Double-pump, double-circuit open hydraulic system makes the system simple, the component life is extended, the reliability is higher, and the fault is judged and eliminated.

  • Glasses, cutting rings and other wear parts, after continuous technical research, long service life.

  • The outstanding features of the concrete pump electric control system: advanced technology, simple and high reliability. All electrical components are imported from original parts.

  • Design of key force components such as hopper and S valve. The SEAS calculation program is used to calculate the force state, structural stiffness and stress concentration of the sub-network. The designed hopper and S valve have good rigidity. The process is good, avoiding the deformation of the hopper and the broken shaft of the S valve when the high-grade conveying of similar products.

  • Fully consider the ease of maintenance and optimize the design. Such as: replacement of the S tube, no need to disassemble the mixing seat, S tube with long and short chrome sleeves, etc.

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