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Concrete Pump Trucks Operating Attention


In concrete batching plant, concrete pump truck play an important role to conveying concrete to right place, in concrete pump operating process, right operate concrete pump truck can improve it's working efficiency and prolong it's service life. Here are the operating attention notes about concrete pump trucks.

Concrete Pump Trucks Operating Attention Notes

  • Concrete pump truck only can used to conveying concrete, or very dangerous to lifting heavy products;

  • When vertical pumping concrete, should laid a 10meters horizontal straight pipe between the concrete pump truck outlet and vertical riser pipe;

  • The boom must be supported as required before the boom can be operated. The boom must be collected and placed on the main support of the boom before the legs can be moved;

  • The lower stability factors must be immediately gathered up and replaced by supporting as required. The lower stability factors include changes in ground conditions caused by rain, snow water or other water sources;

  • Confirm that concrete meets pumping requirements. Concrete slump is generally required to be 5-23cm. Using Φ 100 mm pipe, the largest aggregate diameter shall not exceed 25 mm, use Φ 125 mm pipeline, the largest aggregate diameter shall not exceed 40 mm.

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