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The Analysis of China Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Manufacturers

The twin shaft concrete mixer for sale is the mainstream mixing equipment on the market. To get a better performance, Haomei Machinery, as one of the big China twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturers, has been stressing the improvement of the core systems of the twin shaft mixers.

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The mixing system

The mixing system of the twin shaft concrete mixer includes various independent units and processes. The task of the control system is to ensure safe and reliable mixing operation. It mainly controls the motor and the closing mechanism of the mixer top cover. We also add the indirect drive control of the mixer drum.

In addition, our concrete mixer is equipped with a consistency measuring device, and a microwave sensor and a temperature sensor for humidity measurement.

Measurement control

The concrete management equipment includes concrete silo, concrete weighing scale and batching screw controlled by frequency converter. Metering scales or radar sensors are used to measure the amount of material in the silo.

In order to avoid a large amount of dust, the twin shaft mixer must also be equipped with an air filter, which uses the principle of vibration to automatically remove dust in the air. In addition, the use of sensors can also protect the silo from excessive pressure.

Control of conveying sand and gravel

Sand and gravel are weighed in the discharge chute or measured by strain gauge sensors on the conveyor belt.

Water volume measurement

The water volume of the China twin shaft concrete mixer is first weighed by a weighing scale with two control valves, and then a parallel flowmeter is used for more accurate measurement. The auxiliary materials are mainly added by using pumps and weighing scales. Welcome to leave message below to get a quot.

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