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The Developing History of Concrete Pump Long Boom

The concrete pump long boom combines fast driving, pumping and distribution functions. It can accurately convey concrete to the designated position through the boom system, which can not only guarantee quality but also increase speed.

long boom concrete pump.jpgTherefore, it is widely used in various industrial and civil construction projects such as water conservancy, dams, bridges, and high-rise buildings.

In the early 20th century, European countries began to develop and manufacture the concrete pump truck. In the early stage of the development of the long boom concrete pump, European companies have accumulated a deep technical foundation and formed a complete industrial chain.

China's concrete pump truck technology started late, which in the early 1980s. With the pursuit for building height and large-scale development of engineering, the construction market's demand for concrete pump truck with boom is increasing day by day. Chinese concrete pump truck manufacturers have succeeded in taking the lead in the global market of the concrete pump trucks.

At present, most of concrete pump truck manufacturers including Haomei Machinery has adopted full pilot switching technology, that is, Hydraulic commutation technology. Without the participation of PLC electrical components, it has lower repair rates and more reliable operation. Besides, its simple structure greatly reduces the maintenance costs. So why not choose a new concrete boom pump with a relative cheap price from Haomei?

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