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The Developing Trend of New Concrete Pump Truck

New concrete pump truck is a common mechanical vehicle used in modern construction engineering. It is installed on the chassis of a large vehicle with a concrete pump and a hydraulic folding boom, and then the pipeline is laid along the boom and finally the concrete will be pumped out through the end hose.

42 meter concrete pump for sale.jpgThe lorry mounted concrete pump can realize the accurate pour of the concrete and has flexible movement, therefore it is widely used in various civil and public construction projects, as well as large-scale infrastructure construction such as subways, bridges, and ports.

The long boom concrete pump is not only of high economic benefits, but also greatly improves the appearance of he construction site. It has been one of the important standards reflecting the construction level of a country.

With the continuous progress of technology, the concrete truck and pump will have the following development trends:

1. The pumping height and distance keep increasing and the maximum vertical pumping height can reach 432m.

4.jpg2. The quantity of booms are usually over 3 sections. Most of Haomei’s concrete pump long boom has four or five sections.

3. Small concrete pump truck is another developing trend. That’s because of the rural areas' development.

4. The output is continuously increasing. Most of the output in theory is 125 m3/h. The maximum can reach 204 m3/h.

5. The wireless remote control technology, computer technology, electro-hydraulic proportional technology has been gradually applied to the operation of booms.

6. As the pumping pressure of concrete pumps continues to increase, the conveying distance can already be adapted to most of the concrete paving technology. The concrete pump truck for sale will dominate in the fields of the pump equipment.

7. The concrete pump truck is developing towards electrification and multi-function.

At present, most concrete pump truck manufacturers adopt wireless remote control technology. In the future, mechatronics will be the main development direction of concrete pump truck.

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