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Which Kind of Concrete Pump Will You Choose

For meeting different construction environment and construction requirements, different kinds of concrete pump equipment are born. The main kinds are long boom concrete pump, concrete pump trailer, concrete mixing pump and truck mounted concrete pump. Which one will you choose if you need a concrete pump?

There is a comparison of them from different perspectives. Let’s come to know together.

long boom concrete pump truck.jpg1. Convenience

Among these main types of concrete pump equipment, concrete pump truck, also called concrete boom pump has its own arms(booms), it is the most convenient to use. Other kinds all need to be manually piped.

2. Flexibility

Since concrete boom pump and truck mounted concrete pump both have a car chassis, they are very convenient to move. Concrete pump trailer and concrete mixer pump don’t have it, so their movement needs the help of other vehicles.

3. Pumping Distance

concrete pump trailer.jpgWith the limit of boom length, the long boom concrete pump can't finish the work beyond its height. For other kinds like concrete pump trailer, you can extend the hose virtually as long as you need it under the condition of enough power.

4. Mixing Function

concrete mixer pump for sale.jpgConcrete mixing pump can mix concrete and pump it to the place where it is needed. This is a function that all other concrete pump equipment don’t have.

5. Price

We only make a comparison of different types of concrete pump equipment with same capacity. Generally speaking, if the size is the same, their sequence are trailer concrete pump, truck mounted concrete pump, concrete mixing pump and concrete pump truck with boom according to the price range from low to high.

Haomei Machinery has these four types of concrete pump equipment. Considering the cost and practicability, we recommend long boom concrete pump and small trailer concrete pump.

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