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The Installation and Debugging Guide of Portable Concrete Plant

The installation of the portable concrete plant is relatively simple, but after all the equipment is installed, it needs to be debugged by relevant personnel before it can be officially put into use.

The purpose of debugging is to confirm whether the mobile concrete mixing plant is installed correctly, whether the connection with the electronic control system is correct, whether the performance and economic and technical indicators of the construction equipment meet the contract requirements, etc. The specific debugging methods of the mobile mixing plant are as follows:


1. All mechanical equipment should be inspected and lubricated in accordance with the requirements of the relevant instructions. The reducer should be filled with lubricating oil and manual rotation should be used when it is necessary to ensure safety.

2. Make sure that all electrical wiring meet the requirements of the drawing that the wiring is correct, and the grounding is good. Confirm that the power supply voltage meets the requirements.

3. Confirm whether the air supply pressure of the system is greater than 0.6Mpa, whether the compressed air is dry and clean, and open the air storage tank drain valve to release air and drain. The air pipeline should do pressure test at 0.7Mpa. All joints should be checked whether there is some leakage. After the air pipeline is tested for pressure, blow the pipeline clean and fill the lubricator with No.10 oil.

4. Make sure the mixer, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, aggregate mixing hopper, aggregate bin, powder bin, water tank, admixture tank, etc. are cleaned up and free from debris.

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