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The Structure and Advantages of Mobile Concrete Plant

In recent years, with improved performance, mobile concrete plant is more popular. Let’s have a look of its structure first.


1. Chassis: It includes trailer truck traction pins and parking legs. Other parts like concrete mixer and the weighing scale of cement, water and additive are installed on the chassis. There are inspection walkways and railing around the chassis.

2. Control system: The control room is located at the bottom of the chassis. The control room is used as the front support point of the whole station when the small portable concrete plant is working. During the transportation, it will be packed into the empty space of the chassis.

3. Aggregate batching measurement: It is located at the rear end of the whole station. The upper part is the aggregate storage hopper, which is divided into 2 or 4 grids. The aggregate weighing adopts a cumulative measurement method.

4. Belt conveying rack: It is used to connect the chassis and the batching frame.

5. Cement silo and screw conveyor: They are integral parts regardless of work or transportation, so they can be transported and disassembled as a whole without disassembly.

6. Concrete mixer: We usually choose JS concrete mixer, that is twin shaft concrete mixer. I has excellent mixing effect for different kinds of concrete.

From its structure, it is not difficult to find the advantages of mobile concrete batching plant:

1. Integrated design. All the parts except for cement silo and screw conveyor are installed on the chassis, which can be transported to another construction sites as a whole.

2. Quality mixing performance. The key part is the computer-controlled electronic scale which has strict control of the mixing ratio, thus ensuring the concrete quality.

3. Convenient transfer. It can be connected and disconnected from the tractor. The overall structure can be directly towed by a tractor, which is convenient to move.

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