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The Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Factory for Dry Hard Concrete

Different types of concrete mixers can mix different concretes. So, which type of mixer is good for mixing dry concrete? There are generally two kinds in concrete production: rotary concrete mixer and compulsory concrete mixer.

The rotary concrete mixer puts the mixture in a rotating mixing drum. With the rotation of the mixing drum, the blades in the drum lift the mixture to a certain height, and then freely fall down by its own weight. This type of mixer generally mixes plastic and semi-plastic concrete.

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The compulsory concrete mixer can be divided into single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer factory. For the compulsory concrete mixer, the mixing drum does not move, but the blades on the rotating shaft in the drum has a quick rotating speed. This concrete mixer mixer has good mixing quality and high production efficiency.

It is suitable for mixing dry hard concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete, as well as liquid concrete. For construction projects with high demand for concrete and high quality requirements, it is recommended to choose a twin shaft concrete mixer.

The slump of dry hard concrete is only 0-10mm, and dry hard concrete has almost no fluidity, which can be achieved by adjusting the water-cement ratio W/C and adding water-reducing agent. If such dry concrete is mixed by a rotary concrete mixer, it is impossible to mix evenly. If you like to mix dry hard and semi-dry hard concrete, you must choose twin shaft concrete mixer.

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