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What Is Plastic Concrete Mixer

Plastic concrete is a kind of high-fluidity concrete with low cement content and high cotent of bentonite and clay. It has the characteristics of low strength, low elastic modulus and large strain.

Because the elastic modulus can reach below 2000, it is a kind of flexible material, which can be well adapted to the softer foundation, and at the same time has good anti-seepage performance. It is widely used in the anti-seepage of hydraulic engineering. The plastic concrete mixer covers different types of concrete mixers.

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JZC/JZM concrete mixer

JZC/JZM concrete mixer is also called rotary concrete mixer, which is suitable for mixing plastic concrete and low-fluidity concrete. The mixing power is small, the power consumption is large, and the efficiency is low, therefore it is increasingly being replaced by a twin shaft concrete mixer.

JZC350 concrete mixer composed of mixing mechanism, transmission device, feeding mechanism, water distribution system, unloading mechanism and other parts. Its production concrete mixer is low, which is often used for rural house construction.

JZM 750 drum mixer discharges 750L each batch, of which theoretical output is 20~22.5m3/h, which is driven by friction transmission by rubber tug. The advantages are low noise, reasonable structure, smooth transmission and good mixing quality. The lifting hopper of JZM drum concrete mixer has a special lifting motor.

Compulsory concrete mixer

It includes single shaft and twin shaft concrete mixer. It can mix a variety of concrete mixers such as plastic concrete, dry hard concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete. The mixing quality is good, the speed is fast, the production efficiency is high, the operation is simple and safe, but the mechanical parts are easy to be worn out.

As a concrete mixer manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has different types of concrete mixers. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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