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What Is The Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant Working Process?


Asphalt concrete mixing plant is main suitable for the production of highway asphalt mixtures on highways, country road, ect road. Though asphalt concrete mixing plant manufacturing process is pretty complicated, but adopt recyling work, the quality of concrete is easier to guarantee. We advice to choose a bigger scale aspahlt concrete mixing plant manfacture factory, with higher quality and good after service and the machine with long service life. Then Haomei company will introduce the working process and features of asphalt mixing plant.

Aspahlt Concrete Mixing Plant Working Process

  • Asphalt concrete mixing plant can mix different size cold sand, stone etc aggregate, and through cold aggregate conveying machine sent to dryer cyclinder after drying, heating then discharge to hot aggregate lifting machine and conveying to screen device to second screening;

  • The selected sand stone will storage in hot storage silo, then weighed in the hopper according to the ratio.

  • Besides, the hot asphalt stored in the heat preservation tank is coverying to the asphalt weighting tank to weighed. After all kinds of material is settle, then sent to agitator to mix even, discharge into mixer truck directly or storage in storage bin.

Aspahlt Concrete Mixing Plant Features

  • Asphalt concrete road with excellent driving comfortable performance and using performance, fast construction speed, less maintenance cost. Therefore, most road all use aspahlt road surface.

  • Hot mix asphalt mixture is the main method for asphalt concrete pavement construction at present, and it is also the key link of asphalt concrete pavement construction. It mainly relies on advanced mixing equipment, and the good composition materials are fully and scientifically configured. Heating and mixing to achieve accurate and uniform road mix materials

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