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38 Meter Small Concrete Boom Pump Manufacturer


Concrete boom pump is a machine use pressure conveying concrete along the pipe, small concrete boom pump is suitable to use in limited factory. Here are the features of 38 meter concrete pump truck.

38 Meter Concrete Boom Pump Features

  • Small and smart, concrete boom pump adopt full Z-arm, small open height, expand and close arm time short, very suitable to use in height and space limited workshop and factory, and can used in big scale construction work. As normal pump of supply concrete by concrete mixer, it can install at all types trucks, also can be stepless adjustment, satisfy many types construction demands;

  • Strong quality, the concrete mixing pump pumping system generally adopts flexible installation, which can effectively eliminate faults through the fault self-diagnosis system while reducing the impact on the chassis and the concrete piston;


  • Long-distance transportation, not affected by the road conditions. When the construction site is in a bad climate, due to the muddy roads and other factors that make the vehicles unable to meet the income and the workers are struggling, the advantages of concrete pump truck become more and more significant. The cooperation between the concrete pump and the extended piping allows the concrete boom pump to be transported over long distances, and the adverse elements of the environment have little effect on it, thus ensuring normal construction in harsh climates. Moreover, the pumping method is much stronger than the initial method, which can enhance the continuity of the construction and speed up the construction, thereby shortening the construction period and reducing the labor pressure of works;

  • Intelligent and convenient, the concrete mixing pump truck generally adopts the intelligent boom system, which can be easily controlled with one button and realize automatic vertical or horizontal pouring of the boom. Generally, the boom damping control system generally has an end amplitude of ±0.3 m, which can improve the operation of the end hose, and the use of the wireless remote control makes the operation simpler.

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