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What Is The Best Cement Mixer to Buy

There are different types of concrete mixer for sale: rotary mixer(reversal discharge and tilting discharge are optional), single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer. Each kind has its own applicable engineering projects.

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The rotary mixer is mainly used for mixing plastic concrete and semi-dry hard concrete. It is a relatively small mixer, mainly used for township housing construction, township road construction, small and medium-sized factory construction, etc. The main models are jzc350, jzc450, jzc500, jzm350,etc.

Its power supply can be diesel or electricity. Some models even support both power supply, which is very popular in some regions such as Africa. The drum mixer price is much cheaper than the twin shaft concrete mixer and is easy to convenient and flexible to use, therefore the drum mixer is the mainstream mixer model in the rural construction market.

Single shaft and twin shaft concrete mixer can mix a wide variety of concrete, including plastic and semi-dry concrete, as well as fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, mortar,etc. At present, the mainstream concrete mixer in the market is the twin shaft concrete mixer. It is also often used as the mixing host of concrete batching plant.

So, the twin shaft concrete mixer will be the best cement mixer to buy in terms of its comprehensive performance. Haomei twin shaft concrete mixers have seven models. Welcome to leave message below to get a quote.

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