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Singe Shaft Concrete Mixer VS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

The common types of sing shaft concrete mixer is JDC350 and JDC500. Although single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer are both compulsory concrete mixer, they have a lot of differences. Let’s have a look now.

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1. The transmission system of the mixing shaft

The drive system of single shaft mixer is a chain drive structure while that of the twin shaft mixer is a V-belt and a sliding gear structure. Compared to the single shaft concrete mixer, the noise generated by the double-shaft mixers in the transmission process is relatively low.

And its design has overload protection function, which is safer and more convenient. So the host of concrete batch plant usually choose twin shaft concrete mixer.

2. Mixing Effect

The mixing effect of single shaft concrete mixer is different for the different kinds of concrete. In the production of common types of concrete, its mixing effect is almost same with twin shaft concrete mixer.

But for some concrete with special requirements such as RCC, the mixing effect of twin shaft mixer is much better and the wear degree of twin shafts is relatively lower.

3. The discharging performance

The size of the discharging door of the single shaft concrete mixer is fixed, which is easy to be stuck. The discharging performance is very poor. The twin shaft concrete mixer effectively solves this problem, and its discharge performance is relatively excellent.

This is another very important reason why most of the concrete mixing plants now use twin shaft concrete mixer as the host.

In short, the comprehensive function of single shaft concrete mixer is much weaker than twin shaft concrete mixer, but it is very cheap, which is suitable for small construction projects.

As one of the big concrete mixer manufacturers in China, Haomei has both. You can choose according to your actual situation.

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