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Concrete Batching Mixing Plant Operation Manual


Haomei is professional concrete plant machinery manufacturer, here are the concrete batching plant operation manial as reference.

The installation of concrete mixing plant shall be carried out by professional personnel according to the provisions of the factory manual, and shall be under the auspices of technical personnel, organization and debugging, in all the technical performance indicators in line with the provisions and acceptance qualified, can be put into use.

Air compressor, belt conveyor, concrete mixer and other equipment supporting the mixing station shall follow the corresponding operating procedures

The Operation Manual Before Operating Concrete Batching Plant

  • There is no foreign body stuck in the drive, moving parts, barn door, bucket door and track of the mixing cylinder and the supporting mechanism;

  • The oil surface height of each lubrication box meet the specification;

  • Open the valve to drain excess water from the gas-water separator in the gas-path system and open the drain plug of the air storage tank to release the oil-water mixture;

  • Wire rope installation of lifting bucket or pulling shovel, winding drum is correct, wire rope and pulley in accordance with regulations, lifting hopper and pulling shovel brake sensitive and effective;

  • Each part bolts of concrete mixing plant have been tightened, each into, discharge valve no overlimit wear, the conveyor belt tension is appropriate, do not deviate;

  • All the control and display parts of the weighing device work normally and the accuracy is in accordance with the regulations;

  • Each electrical device can effectively control the mechanical movement, each contact point and dynamic, static contact no obvious damage.

The operation manual should adopt right method, then can maximum reduce the damage of cement mixing plant machine, prolong it's service life and get high quality concrete. We can provide the turn key project of concrete batching plant machine, more details, welcome to consult us. Email: feedom@haomei-machinery.com

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